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Real Estate Investing 101: Think Like a Bank, Act Like an Investor

By Eric Willner, Host of The Real Estate Show, America’s longest running daily radio show about real estate.

Welcome to the Real Estate Show – South Florida’s #1 Real Estate Radio Show and America’s longest-running daily radio show about real estate.

My name is Eric Willner, known as the Voice of Real Estate, and I am the founder of America’s longest-running daily radio show about real estate. I am also the creator of The Automatic Landlord System for Owning Cash Flowing Real Estate “Profitably and Hassle-Free.” It’s a virtual real estate seminar in every episode.

Today is the “Tuesday Tools, Tips, and Techniques” Edition of The Real Estate Show. Today, let's talk about success and failure, and how to Think Like a Bank, Act Like a Real Estate Investor, and Get Financially Free!

Transformation Tuesday:

Lord, as we embark on this Transformation Tuesday, we seek Your transformative power in our work and personal lives. Guide us to be agents of positive change in the real estate landscape. Bless the properties we handle, that they may become places of warmth, security, and transformation for those who dwell within. Amen.

In today’s highlighted Tools and Techniques, let’s dive into the practical part. Yesterday I gave you 10 reasons why we should Think Like a Bank, Act Like a Real Estate Investor, and Get Financially Free!

Now let’s break them down:

  1. Banks Are Strategic Planners: Banks plan long-term, focusing on sustainable growth. As a real estate investor, you should also plan strategically, considering both short-term gains and long-term wealth accumulation.
  2. Banks Diversify Their Investments: Banks don't put all their money into one type of investment. As a real estate investor, diversify your portfolio to spread risk and increase potential returns.
  3. Banks Leverage Funds: Banks use leverage to maximize their investments. Similarly, use financing options to leverage your investments, increasing your buying power and potential returns.
  4. Banks Focus on Cash Flow: Banks prioritize cash flow to ensure liquidity and stability. Focus on properties that generate positive cash flow to maintain financial stability and grow your wealth.
  5. Banks Manage Risks: Banks carefully assess and manage risks. As an investor, conduct thorough due diligence and have contingency plans to mitigate potential risks.
  6. Banks Utilize Expertise: Banks rely on experts for informed decisions. Build a team of professionals – real estate agents, financial advisors, property managers – to guide your investment decisions.
  7. Banks Adapt to Market Changes: Banks are quick to adapt to market trends and changes. Stay informed and flexible, adjusting your strategies as the real estate market evolves.
  8. Banks Invest in Prime Locations: Banks choose prime locations for their branches and investments. Focus on properties in high-demand areas to ensure appreciation and profitability.
  9. Banks Maintain Strong Relationships: Banks build strong relationships with clients and partners. Network with other investors, lenders, and real estate professionals to create valuable connections.
  10. Banks Focus on Efficiency: Banks optimize their operations for efficiency. Streamline your property management processes to save time and increase profitability.

Remember, The Real Estate Show is your partner in real estate. Our expertise and experience can be the difference between a successful and stressful transaction.

Did You Know?

  1. Did you know that strategic planning and diversification can significantly reduce your investment risks and increase returns?
  2. Did you know that leveraging your investments can amplify your buying power and boost your wealth accumulation?
  3. Did you know that maintaining positive cash flow is crucial for long-term financial stability and success in real estate investing?

These "Did You Know?" questions highlight the critical role of strategic thinking, leveraging, and cash flow management in real estate success.

Today’s show is about taking The 72-Hour Challenge – The Fast Track To Benefiting From Real Estate and understanding how it works is crucial to a successful real estate plan.

Take The 72-Hour Challenge:

Have you heard of The 72-Hour Challenge? It’s the fast track to turning your expenses into income. Imagine a challenge that reduces your expenses and puts money back in your pocket. Our expense reduction experts do all the work, and you get the benefits. Our listeners have saved hundreds, even thousands, of dollars per month! And it’s all backed by a money-back guarantee!

Take The 72-Hour Challenge – The Fast Track To Turning Your Expenses into Income. Text “72” to 561-861-2366. This challenge started on March 18th and will only last 72 days, so don’t miss out! Text “72” to 561-861-2366.

FREE Workshops:

Before we get into the meat of the show, let me remind you of this week’s special FREE Workshops:

  1. Tuesday 8 pm Path To Home Ownership Introduction – Online by Invitation by texting “Path”
  2. Wednesday night 8:30 pm Financial Edge University Overview – Online by Invitation by texting “Edge”
  3. Thursday night 8:30 pm Financial Edge Master Class – Online by Invitation by texting “Master”

Now, let’s continue to talk about why NOW is the time to buy real estate. Here are the reasons why The 72-Hour Challenge – The Fast Track To Benefiting From Real Estate is essential:

Road Block #1: Government and Taxes

Government and taxes rob you of, on average, 30% of your gross pay. By taking The 72-Hour Challenge, you can identify tax-saving strategies that reduce your tax burden, allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

Road Block #2: Interest and Finance Charges

Interest and finance charges consume about 34.5 cents of every dollar, according to a Wall Street Journal study. The challenge helps you lower these charges, freeing up more money for investment and growth.

Road Block #3: Uncontrolled Monthly Bills

Uncontrolled monthly bills drain your finances month in and month out. The challenge provides strategies to manage and reduce these bills, turning expenses into savings and income.

Road Block #4: Inflation

Inflation is the silent killer of wealth, eroding your money’s worth over time. By participating in The 72-Hour Challenge, you can implement measures to protect your wealth from inflation, ensuring your money retains its value.

There are resources to help renters and buyers, so attend our Tuesday night workshop. Let's break down the theme in more detail but emphasize the tools used in achieving your real estate goals for the year ahead.

Tools for Achieving Real Estate Goals:

  1. Real Estate Home Ownership: Owning a home is a cornerstone of financial stability and growth. It provides security, equity, and potential appreciation.
  2. The Path To Homeownership Free Workshops: These workshops offer valuable insights and guidance on the journey to homeownership, helping you navigate the complexities of the real estate market.
  3. Financial Calculators: Use financial calculators to assess your affordability, mortgage payments, and investment returns. These tools are essential for informed decision-making.
  4. A Financial Plan: Having a written financial plan is crucial. It outlines your goals, strategies, and timelines, ensuring you stay on track to achieve your real estate and financial objectives.

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  1. Real estate is the ideal investment for financial freedom.
  2. Think like a bank to maximize your investment potential.
  3. Diversify, leverage, and manage cash flow effectively.
  4. Utilize tools like financial calculators and written plans.
  5. Take The 72-Hour Challenge to turn expenses into income.

Conclude today's show by highlighting that tomorrow is our Wednesday Midweek Mortgage and Market Report. You won’t want to miss getting up-to-date with what’s going on in the real estate world.

Thank you for listening to The Real Estate Show. Don’t just listen – use our show to get started in real estate investing. Tune in every weekday to our show, a literal seminar in every episode of The Real Estate Show. Also, don’t forget to attend our free online workshops.

See you tomorrow for more valuable insights and updates!

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