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Radio Show Notes 7/12/22 Tuesday

July 12th, 2022 4:54 PM by Eric Willner

Radio Show Notes 7/12/22 Tuesday:

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Radio Show Notes 07.12.22 Tuesday- Tools, Tips, & Techniques on The Real Estate Show- Is it Time To Be A Contrarian in Real Estate?


It’s Week 28 of 52 in 2022! Only 46% of the year remains!


By Eric Willner, Host of The Real Estate Show, America’s longest running daily radio show about real estate.



The Real Estate Show Tuesday edition is where Eric Willner shares the tools, tips and techniques for profitable real estate investing. It’s what he and other experts are using in their successful real estate activities. It’s a down to earth, real, and real boots on the ground approach to real estate.


“Is it time to be a Contrarian in Real Estate?”


Warren Buffett, a famous contrarian investor has a saying about the stock market and investing in general:


Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”


Time and again, the venerated value investor has used this philosophy to pounce on opportunities. So have many contrarian investors.


A contrarian investor in the stock market is a common and well-known term. Many investors proudly wear the badge as a contrarian investor. The public looks with admiration when a contrarian investor touts his recent wins, bucking the consensus opinion and advice. So why not in real estate?


Thanks to the Fake News and the Hype News, the real estate market is being portrayed and a bubble, over-priced, and an investment whose time has passed. When I talk to people, the biggest question I get now a days, is “Is it too late?” I smile and think of Buffets quote. Fear is here.


Last Friday when the unemployment figures were released, the numbers revealed stronger than expected employment numbers. The stock market reacted negatively because strong jobs reports only adds to the inflation problem. The fake news jumped on it. I, instead thought about the many more people who now have better and higher paying jobs, that will want to buy homes. At the very minimum, they will need to rent homes. The jobs report tells me that they will be able to do both.


Monday, I went over the first quarter foreclosure and REO report released by the FHFA. The number of foreclosure filings was higher. That's what the fake news focused on. Here comes that wave of foreclosures! However, if you were to read the rest of the report, it was actually a very positive report describing all of the foreclosure prevention activity going on and the positive results. As a result the number of short sales has gone down and that means there's more equity in the marketplace, and fewer people are in that precarious position. The number of actual foreclosure sales, was also significantly down, meaning that even those that got into trouble were able to resolve their situation either with a repayment plan (the number of new repayment plans rose dash another positive sign), or with a traditional market sale. Both positive signs.


The real estate market overall still remains healthy. Balance is now coming to the market as affordability has become a throttle on demand, not to mention higher interest rates, so property bidding wars have all but stopped. Demand for properties at the entry and mid levels of the marketplace remains high. Inventory also remains low. There has definitely been a slowdown in the higher tiered markets, but not so much in the ultra high markets. Interesting.


In today's article from MarketWatch, the hype media goes at it again talking about how we are in “scary times”. Builder sentiment is down and some builders are offering discounts on their inventory (that was optimistically priced high) and now reducing prices to move inventory. Economics 101. Don't forget that most builders finance the construction phase of their projects and do not want to sit on inventory very long. Also keep in mind, that from project inception to delivery can take anywhere from two to five years including purchasing, permitting, site preparation, and then there's the actual home construction. So builders take on great risk in starting a project because they need to forecast what market they're going to be able to deliver into. So when uncertainty creeps into the marketplace, they tend to pull back. However, we are still in a deep inventory crunch, so them slowing down construction, only means the inventory problem is going to continue! Good News, Bad News, Again. Or should I say Bad News, Good News?


So inflation bad news, recessionary hype, higher interest rates, are creating a generally growing market sense of uncomfort… and fear.


Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”


To which I pose again the first question:


“Is it time to be a Contrarian in Real Estate?”


And do you know the Automatic Landlord Formula to Safe and Simple Real Estate Investing?


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Finally, do not panic, stay informed, and use your best judgment. The situation is rapidly changing, so focus on putting policies and procedures in place to keep your perspective.


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Posted by Eric Willner on July 12th, 2022 4:54 PM


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