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Radio Show Notes 6/20/19 Thursday

June 20th, 2019 5:13 PM by Eric Willner

Radio Show Notes 6/20/19 Thursday: A Revolutionary Way To Reduce Debt Faster and Smarter So You Can Retire Debt-free – The Automatic Landlord Debt Solution

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By Eric Willner, Host of The Real Estate Show, America’s longest running daily radio show about real estate



Today, The Real Estate Show shows you a Revolutionary Way to Reduce Debt Faster and Smarter, So You Can Retire Debt-free – The Automatic Landlord Debt Solution. Can you imagine getting to the ripe old age of retirement only to realize that you are still drowning in debt? That is the reality for a growing number of Americans. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau published a report that showed an increase of debt from 22% to 30% in. The Office of Retirement Policy, under the Social Security Administration, says that over 80% of “near-retirees” hold household debt and the average debt held is over $150,000. That’s just the people who are planning on or already have retired, what about today’s youth?


The average student loan debt for a student graduating with a degree is over $37,000. The average credit card debt is over $15,000 and the average household has over $27,000 in auto loans. The total personal debt in the United States is a staggering over $17 TRILLION AND GROWING! Did you get that? That is over seventeen TRILLION dollars in personal household debt! That’s no way to expect to think You Can Retire Debt-free!



Why does this debt exist? It’s an easy question to answer when you look at our economy and how our banking system works! Here is the simple version: We as citizens deposit money into our checking and savings accounts. The bank is only required to keep a very small percentage of the money that you deposit in the bank itself, the rest it gives to other people in the form of loans. When the bank gives a loan, they are able to charge interest on the money that is loaned, thus making the banks money! That’s right, the banks make money by lending other people YOUR money!


An overwhelming amount of people pay the minimum payments that their lenders ask of them and thus rarely get out of debt. As new needs and wants arise, so do a person’s level of debt. We have a culture in our country that encourages people to get into and stay in debt, from the time a person graduates high school (school loans and credit cards) to the time they should be thinking about retiring (refinances and reverse mortgages),  - debt has become the new standard. So How can you Retire Debt-free like that?



What else is wrong with that? Merriam-Webster defines debt as “the state of owing money to someone or something” and goes further to explain that debt is an “obligation”. They go on then to say that an “obligation” is “something that one is bound to do”. When a person is bound to do something, then by that very definition they are not free. They trade their freedom, to do what they want, for doing what they are obligated to do. In a very literal sense, a person in debt lacks freedom. You are a slave to your debt. Most people are fairly well convinced that slavery is inherently wrong, yet most people subject themselves to a lifetime of financial slavery. Once again, The Real Estate Show steps in with the solution!


In reality, we can create our own economy. An economy that is independent from national or even global economies. An economy where WE can thrive in spite of national and global economies! An economy So You Can Retire Debt-free! The Real Estate Show recently launched The Automatic Landlord Debt Solution on our show, a financial GPS that helps YOU to reduce YOUR household debt by 1/3 to ½ the time, saving YOU tens of thousands of dollars in interest. Mathematically, a household with 5 interest bearing debts has over 120 different combinations for how they could pay off their debt, only one of those combinations is the fastest. How many hours would it take to do the research on the different possibilities? How long would it take to do the math associated with determining which combination is the fastest? How about the discipline that research and mathematical calculations would take?


Most Americans lack the skill, knowledge, and discipline it takes to be able to calculate the fastest way to pay off debt. What is the significance of paying debt off faster? First off, when one reduces their debt, they grow their net worth. Net worth is how we measure wealth, so the higher a person’s net worth, the wealthier they are considered to be. Secondly, the longer we pay on our debt, the more interest we pay to the lenders. As we pay down our debt faster, we eliminate interest, thus allowing us to actually save money, in some cases tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars that the banks are not allowed to make on the money that we put in the bank to lend to ourselves, with interest, So You Can Retire Debt-free.


When it boils down to it, paying debt off faster grows net worth, it saves money, but most importantly, it frees people from slavery - So You Can Retire Debt-free. It releases people from financial bondage and gives people freedom to do what they want with their lives, without obligating their money to someone else’s gain. The Automatic Landlord Debt Solution is the most innovative and powerful tool on the market today, it is the financial GPS that helps people navigate from slavery to freedom in the fastest time possible. Listeners of the Real Estate Show can have this incredible tool at our fingertips So You Can Retire Debt-free.


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Posted by Eric Willner on June 20th, 2019 5:13 PM


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