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Radio Show Notes 5/27/19 Monday

May 28th, 2019 8:49 PM by Eric Willner

Radio Show Notes 5/27/19 Monday:  You Can Build A Great Real Estate Business With Consistency and Effort. They Add Up Over Time, Even IF It’s Only One Degree A Day

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The Real Estate Show shows you how You Can Build A Great Real Estate Business With Consistency and Effort. They Add Up Over Time, Even IF It’s Only One Degree A Day. Last week we spoke about how the 21 Day Challenge was all about developing the consistent business habits REQUIRED to succeed in a business venture. 

Each progressive "Challenge", starting in January, and progressing thru the latest one going, The April Challenge was DESIGNED to incrementally build your real estate business skills and lock them in as habits.

 These seem like little steps but every degree of progress is cumulative and adds up! 

Think about it: If you had water in the form of ice, it freezes at 32 Degrees Fahrenheit. Ice in that form absorbs or takes away energy, and by itself does nothing. It has potential, but does nothing.

Imagine this! If we started with a pan of water and started at ZERO DEGREES on January 1st we would have a very solidly frozen block of ice.

Then each day we raise the temperature only 1 degree per day.

By January 31st we would be at 31 degrees. Still at freezing temperature, still a solid block, no noticeable change. So most people would lose interest and even quit. Some might even say adding heat (like adding education and mentoring) does nothing, so why bother anymore.

However, early in February, just two days later, something strange begins to happen. It's still cold, but it's two degrees above freezing and the ice begins to melt. Another few days go by and the temperature continues to rise 1 degree per day and the melting becomes more noticeable. not a lot, but you can notice it.

As the days go by, and the degrees add up, not only is the melting accelerating (learning), but now you will see a transformation of that SOLID block of ice turning into a LIQUID. It's an amazing thing if you think about it. As a frozen block, how many uses could you have? What was the value of it, if you goal was NOT to stay cold? Not much. That is like how you started. You had raw material, raw knowledge in the form of books, CDs, Videos. Lots of potential - we all knew it - but how do you transform that into something of more use. A better use and a better tool?

Once the bock of ice is transformed into water a whole new array of options arise: you can drink it and satisfy your thirst, a human requirement for survival. A frozen block at zero degrees will NOT do that. PS, you'd tear your tongue apart if you let it touch a zero degree block.

You can water other things, flowers for example. Give life!

You can mix it with things and make thousands of combinations of drinks, soups, solutions.

The possibilities are endless with water in its liquid form.

But we are consistent, and we are still adding 1 degree of heat each day. 

For a while, and for periods, you again, won't notice the difference or the change. March, April...

Cold water becomes warm water around Day 70.  New uses, more improvements, even more possibilities.

Warm water becomes warmer... 1 degree, 1 day at a time.

Then warm water becomes hot water. More new uses, more improvements possible. Oh the possibilities!

And we are still only around day 90! Then Day 100. Can you tell the difference between water at 95 and 105? Maybe. If you own a jacuzzi, you probably can.

Then May rolls around. Our little experiment is now 120-150? degrees. Now I bet you can not feel the difference on a day to day basis or even a week to week basis, but we know it's 1 degree hotter each day because we are being CONSISTENT! A little faith may be required here because its hard to tell the differences here. But the mentor knows them and he keeps turning up the heat. 

Just FYI: most dish and clothes washing are done at temperatures lower than 120 degrees (the standard setting on home hot water heaters), so it's not safe to assume you're killing a lot of germs with the hot water.

Now an interesting phenomenon sometimes happens here. Not everyone wants more heat or think that they don't need hot water.

For some people, they get comfortable, and they pull away from any additional heat (education + action + mentoring). They are happy with where they are at, and want to stay there. They have discovered enough uses for the water. the water gets them by with what they need or want, and that's it! If they are happy there, I suppose that is ok. You can survive with warm and hot water. They can back off when the temperature is too high, and then come back when they need more heat.

BUT for some others, the heat makes some people uncomfortable and they quit. Whatever the reasons, not getting what they wanted fast enough (after all, it's only 1 degree per day), they expected another transformation by now, or it's just unbearable at this temperature, so they just pull away to cool off, and slowly fade away.

By the way, here is another realization I came to in the life of a coach. If you pull away from the heat for too long, and the temperature drops too much, it's going to take all that heat applied all over again, and that becomes a lot of effort, and that also makes people quit. Even though getting back to where they were is a proven formula, just requires the heat again.?

But YOU did not quit, you stayed consistent and applied each degree you learned in the Challenges. Each day consistent. Each day 1 more degree up. Remember, it IS cumulative.

June 1st is Day 152. that means 152 degrees. You probably don't want to stick your hand IN 152 degree water, but it sure makes nice heat in a radiator in the winter. Wow, more good uses as the temperature rises. We've witnesses and learned many more uses for water at different temperatures since starting out at 0-152 degrees.

As it will turns out, July is a very interesting month too.

July 1st is Day 182 ...July 2nd 183...July 3rd is 184... its hot - no matter how you interpret it, and getting hotter!

July 19th is day 200! That is 200 degree water. That is very HOT water. But germs and bacteria have been known to survive in it.

July? 30th is Day 211. That's even hotter water, but add 1 more day, one more degree and something AMAZING will happen!

On July 31st, Day 212, water will boil! Once again water goes through a transformation of state into steam. And steam can power a locomotive. It makes things happen. Just 1 degree more, 1 day at a time, you will make things happen!   You Can Build A Great Real Estate Business With Consistency and Effort. They Add Up Over Time, Even IF It’s Only One Degree A Day 


So stay consistent, stay plugged in and you will succeed! Perhaps a little coaching will help, so call us at 888-595-7779 or email Eric at for a free consultation to see how we can help you go to the next level.


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