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Radio Show Notes 12/05/23 Tuesday

December 5th, 2023 9:26 PM by Eric Willner

Radio Show Notes 12/05/23 Tuesday:

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"SMART Goals in Real Estate: Eric Willner's Tips for Achievable and Rewarding Investments"

By Eric Willner, Host of The Real Estate Show, America’s longest running daily radio show about real estate.

Welcome to the Real Estate Show – South Florida’s #1 Real Estate Radio Show and America's longest-running daily radio show about real estate. I'm Eric Willner, the Voice of Real Estate and the founder of America’s longest-running daily radio show about real estate, as well as the creator of The Automatic Landlord System for Owning Cash Flowing Real Estate 'Profitably and Hassle-Free.' Today, we bring you the 'Tuesday Tools, Tips, and Techniques' edition of The Real Estate Show, where we continue to talk about why NOW is the time to buy real estate using the theme of the week: 'Celebrate & Recalibrate.'

Tuesday Tools, Tips, and Techniques Theme: Celebrate & Recalibrate

It's past the middle of the last quarter of the year, and it is time to 'Celebrate & Recalibrate.' But before we dive into the meat of the show, let me pose a real estate investing question for you – Did you know that recalibrating your real estate goals can significantly impact your success? Now, let's explore why and how as we delve into today's show.

Special Workshops Reminder

But first, a quick reminder of this week’s special FREE workshops: Tonight at 8 pm, we have the 'Path To Home Ownership Introduction' online – just text PATH to 561-861-2366 for your invitation. And tomorrow night at 8:30 pm, join us for the 'Financial Edge University Overview' – text EDGE to 561-861-2366 to secure your spot.

Now, let's get into why real estate investing is the best way and how 'Celebrate & Recalibrate' is an important ingredient of real estate success.

Recap of Cashflow Quadrants

A few weeks back, we discussed the Cashflow Quadrants concept, highlighting where your income derives and why it matters. Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller 'Money Shackles,' shedding light on the financial landscape for many listeners. No matter where you find yourself in the E, S, B, or I quadrant, it's a time to 'Celebrate & Recalibrate'. Real estate remains the best vehicle to advance, with the goal as an investor to have a 'B' to fund your 'I.' The Real Estate Show is your roadmap to get there, but the key is to start NOW!

Challenges of Employee Mindset

Now, let's address why people often find themselves stuck in the role of an employee and struggle to break free or gather the courage to become business owners. It's a mindset issue, driven by the comfort of a steady paycheck and the fear of the unknown. Many individuals are conditioned to believe that job security is the ultimate goal, even if it means sacrificing the potential for financial independence. Breaking free from the employee mindset requires courage and a shift in perspective. Real estate offers an avenue for individuals to become business owners, but the journey begins with a plan.

Importance of a Written Plan

Let's expand on why having a written plan is critical to success in real estate. Real estate investing is not a game of chance; it requires skill, strategy, adaptability, and an unwavering determination to cross the finish line successfully. A written plan serves as your roadmap, guiding you through the complexities of the market, helping you make informed decisions, and providing a clear path towards financial victory. Without a plan, you're navigating in the dark, increasing the risk of pitfalls and setbacks.

Celebrate & Recalibrate

Now, let's circle back to our theme – 'Celebrate & Recalibrate.' December is a time to celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. Recognize the progress you've made and the lessons you've learned. However, celebration should be coupled with recalibration. It's an opportunity to assess where you are, where you want to be, and what adjustments are needed to get there. Real estate, being dynamic and ever-changing, requires constant recalibration of your plan to stay ahead of the curve.


Today, I want to share a powerful tool in planning and setting goals – SMART goals. Have you heard of SMART goals? SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. These parameters, when defined for your goal, ensure that your objectives are attainable within a certain time frame. Let's break down the SMART goals template acronym. The beauty lies in their ability to make even the biggest goals attainable, turning dreams into reality. Setting a SMART goal versus just a goal can be thedifference between success or failure.

SMART goals - They are a simple yet effective life hack for completing your tasks.

Example - Finance and Savings SMART Goal:

Speaking of recalibration, let me illustrate the power of SMART goals with a real-life example in finance and savings. Imagine having the simple goal of saving money for a house. Now, let's break down the SMART components:

  • Specific: You want to save $40,000 for a down payment on a house.
  • Measurable: You'll track expenses to ensure 15% goes into your savings each month, using a money-saving app to monitor your action plan.
  • Achievable: You'll cut unnecessary expenses to make this goal feasible.
  • Relevant: The goal aligns with buying a house to prepare for the next step in your life.
  • Time-bound: You aim to have enough savings for the house you want in eighteen months. This SMART goal ensures clarity, measurability, achievability, relevance, and a defined time frame, making it a powerful tool in your real estate journey

Remember - Today's show is brought to you by – your solution for improving your credit score and unlocking new opportunities in real estate. Don't forget to text 'Credit' to the number 561-861-2366 for exclusive insights and updates.

As we wrap up today's 'Tuesday Tools, Tips, and Techniques' edition, I want to remind you of the impactful tool we discussed – SMART goals. Whether it's studying, saving for a house, or any real estate endeavor, applying the SMART framework makes your goals more achievable. Tomorrow is our Wednesday Midweek Mortgage and Market Report – you won't want to miss staying up-to-date with what’s going on in the real estate world. Thank you for listening, but remember, don't just listen – use our show to get started in real estate investing. Tune in every weekday to our show, a literal seminar in every episode of The Real Estate Show. Also, don't forget to attend our free online workshops. Until next time, this is Eric Willner, the Voice of Real Estate, signing off. Have a fantastic week, everyone!



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 Eric Willner is the Host and Founder of The Real Estate Show, an informative show about how to buy, own, and improve real estate the right way, on autopilot. - The Automatic Landlord way. ( You can reach Eric Willner at or 888-595-7779.

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 Eric Willner is the Host and Founder of The Real Estate Show, an informative show about how to buy, own, and improve real estate the right way, on autopilot. - The Automatic Landlord way. ( You can reach Eric Willner at or 888-595-7779.

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