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Radio Show Notes 11/20/23 Monday

December 5th, 2023 9:20 PM by Eric Willner

Radio Show Notes 11/20/23 Monday:

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By Eric Willner, Host of The Real Estate Show, America’s longest running daily radio show about real estate.

Welcome to the Real Estate Show – South Florida’s #1 Real Estate Radio Show and America's longest-running daily radio show about real estate. I'm Eric Willner, the Voice of Real Estate, and the founder of The Automatic Landlord System for Owning Cash Flowing Real Estate 'Profitably and Hassle-Free.' Thank you for joining me for another edition of the Real Estate Show. Today is the 'Monday On A Mission' Edition, and we have a powerful theme for you – Real Estate Investing and Thanksgiving Week, exploring how gratitude is a vital ingredient for real estate success.

Did you know? Real Estate Investing is not just about transactions and properties; it's a people business, and gratitude plays a crucial role in your success. Today's show is about why Real Estate Investing and gratitude go hand in hand, especially during Thanksgiving week. But before we dive into the heart of today's discussion, let me remind you of this week's special FREE Workshops.

Mark your calendars! On Tuesday at 8 pm, we have the 'Path To Home Ownership Introduction' – an online workshop by invitation. And on Wednesday night at 8:30 pm, it's the 'Financial Edge University Overview' – another online event by invitation. These workshops are excellent opportunities to expand your knowledge and take tangible steps towards real estate success.

Let's continue to talk about Real Estate Investing and how gratitude is an essential ingredient for success. Thanksgiving serves as an excellent reminder that Real Estate is not just about properties and profits; it's a people business. This week is more than just turkey gravy and stuffing; it's about recognizing the importance of gratitude in our real estate journeys.

Review of Last Week: In the spirit of gratitude, let's briefly review last week's shows where we explored the theme of the Cash Flow Quadrants. We discussed the E, S, B, and I quadrants – understanding that, no matter where you are now, it's a time to be grateful. Real Estate is the best vehicle to advance, and as an investor, the goal is to have a 'B' to fund your 'I.' The Real Estate Show can be your roadmap to get you there, but you need to start NOW!

Whether you're a professional real estate investor or a professional race car driver (Remember the theme from week before last), there are remarkable parallels in the way you approach your respective journeys. Both require a combination of skill, strategy, adaptability, and an unwavering determination to cross the finish line successfully. The road to financial victory may not be a straight path, but it's certainly an exhilarating one!

Now, before we delve deeper, I want to encourage you to take a moment and text the word EDGE to 561-861-2366. That's EDGE to 561-861-2366. Don't miss out on the opportunities waiting for you in the world of real estate. Take that step towards your financial edge."

Note also that today's Show is Brought to You By: – because your financial journey starts with a solid credit foundation. Visit to get started today. Text “Credit” to 561-861-2366 and get a special 2 for 1 discount on building or restoring your credit now.

As we navigate through today's 'Monday On A Mission' edition, let's dive into the significance of gratitude in Real Estate Investing. Gratitude is not just a warm and fuzzy feeling; it's a powerful tool in your investment toolbox. When you approach real estate with gratitude, you open doors to opportunities, build meaningful connections, and pave the way for success.

Welcome back to The Real Estate Show – 'Monday On A Mission' Edition, where we're exploring Real Estate Investing and the importance of gratitude. Gratitude isn't just reserved for Thanksgiving; it's a year-round practice that can transform your real estate journey into something bigger, more meaningful and rewarding!

As we wrap up today's show, I want to express my gratitude for each one of you joining us on this 'Monday On A Mission' edition. Remember, Real Estate Investing and gratitude go hand in hand. Use the lessons from today's show to fuel your journey to success. This is Eric Willner, the Voice of Real Estate, signing off. Until next time, stay inspired, stay grateful, and take action. Goodbye, everyone – see you tomorrow – and don’t forget that Today is a Great Day to Have a Great Day!

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Posted by Eric Willner on December 5th, 2023 9:20 PM


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