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Radio Show Notes 03/15/24 Friday

March 20th, 2024 10:26 PM by Eric Willner

Radio Show Notes 03/15/24 Friday:

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"Maximize Your Real Estate Potential: Overcoming Spring Market Challenges"

By Eric Willner, Host of The Real Estate Show, America’s longest running daily radio show about real estate.

Based on recent news headlines, here are 4 of the top trending things going on in real estate ownership:

1.    Spring Seller's Market: Traditionally, spring is a busy season for real estate as the weather improves and people are motivated to move before summer vacations. With the ongoing housing market trends, this "seller's market" might be even more pronounced in 2024. This means sellers may have an advantage with multiple offers and potentially higher selling prices.

2.    Outdoor Living Space Surge: With spring comes the desire to spend more time outdoors. Homes with desirable outdoor features like decks, patios, balconies, or even large yards are likely to be in high demand.

3.    Energy Efficiency Focus: As spring brings warmer weather, energy bills can rise. Buyers are increasingly looking for homes with energy-efficient features like smart thermostats, good insulation, and energy-efficient appliances.

4.    Pre-Approval Importance: With a competitive market, getting pre-approved for a mortgage is crucial. This shows sellers you're a serious buyer and strengthens your offer. Spring's busy season can be fast-paced, so being pre-approved allows you to act quickly on potential properties.

Did you know these trends highlight the importance of being financially prepared and strategically positioned in today's real estate market? They emphasize the need for proactive steps to maximize opportunities and navigate challenges effectively.

Welcome to The Real Estate Show hosted by me, Eric Willner, known as the Voice of Real Estate and founder of America’s longest-running daily radio show about real estate. Today is the “Monday On A Mission” Edition of The Real Estate Show, where we discuss why NOW is the time to buy real estate with the theme of "It's Time to Spring into Action in Real Estate."

Before we delve into the core of the show, let me remind you of this week’s special FREE Workshops: Path To Home Ownership Introduction, Financial Edge University Overview, and our Financial Edge Master Class on A Strategy. Real Estate requires skill, strategy, adaptability, and an unwavering determination to cross the finish line successfully.

It's Time to Spring into Action in Real Estate – you win! Let's address the roadblocks:

Road Block #1 is Government and Taxes: Government regulations and taxes can hinder real estate success, but with strategic planning and understanding, you can navigate these challenges effectively.

Road Block #2 is Interest and Finance Charges: High interest rates and finance charges can eat into your profits, but with smart financing options and negotiation skills, you can minimize these costs.

Road Block #3 is uncontrolled Monthly Bills: Monthly bills can strain your finances and limit your ability to invest, but with budgeting and expense management techniques, you can regain control and free up funds for real estate ventures.

Road Block #4 is Inflation, the Silent Killer of wealth: Inflation erodes purchasing power and diminishes the value of money over time, but real estate serves as a hedge against inflation, allowing you to preserve and grow your wealth.

Remember, you can turn debt into wealth in Real Estate. Change your financial picture, start by texting the word CREDIT to 561-861-2366. Today's show is brought to you by

In summary, today’s show emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities and overcoming obstacles in the current real estate landscape. Tomorrow is our Tuesday Tools, Tips, and Techniques Edition of The Real Estate Show, where we'll provide valuable insights and resources to help you profit and succeed. Thank you for tuning in, and remember to attend our free online workshops. Text the word EDGE to 561-861-2366.


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Eric Willner is the Host and Founder of The Real Estate Show, an informative show about how to buy, own, and improve real estate the right way, on autopilot. - The Automatic Landlord way. ( You can reach Eric Willner at or 888-595-7779.

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Eric Willner is the Host and Founder of The Real Estate Show, an informative show about how to buy, own, and improve real estate the right way, on autopilot. - The Automatic Landlord way. ( You can reach Eric Willner at or 888-595-7779.

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Posted by Eric Willner on March 20th, 2024 10:26 PM


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