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Radio Show Notes 01/23/24 Tuesday

January 23rd, 2024 7:21 PM by Eric Willner

Radio Show Notes 01/23/24 Tuesday:

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By Eric Willner, Host of The Real Estate Show, America’s longest running daily radio show about real estate.

Welcome to The Real Estate Show, where we dive into the dynamic world of real estate. I'm Eric Willner, your host, known as the Voice of Real Estate and the founder of America's longest-running daily radio show about real estate. Today's episode is part of our "Tuesday Tools, Tips, and Techniques” Edition, focusing on a critical aspect of retirement and how real estate can be the key to retiring early.

Did you know that a shocking 40% of Americans have zero retirement savings?

That’s right! Shocking!!

Here are 5 alarming statistics about retirement:

  1. 40% of Americans have no retirement savings: A 2023 report by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that a staggering 40% of Americans have no retirement savings at all. This means they face a significant financial challenge when they eventually retire.
  2. Social Security will only replace about 40% of pre-retirement income: The Social Security Administration estimates that Social Security will only replace about 40% of the average worker's pre-retirement income. This means that most retirees will need to have other sources of income to maintain their standard of living in retirement.
  3. One in five Americans experiences elder financial abuse: According to the National Adult Protective Services Association, one in five older adults has experienced some form of financial exploitation over the recent 12 months. This highlights the importance of protecting yourself from financial abuse in retirement.
  4. Healthcare costs are rising faster than inflation: Healthcare costs are rising faster than inflation, which means that retirees will need to spend more and more on healthcare as they age. This can put a strain on their retirement budget.
  5. Many retirees struggle with loneliness and isolation: Retirement can lead to loneliness and isolation, especially for those who lose their spouse or friends. This can have a negative impact on both physical and mental health.

These are just a few of the alarming statistics about retirement. It is important to be aware of the challenges that you may face so that you can plan accordingly.


It's a reality we can't ignore, and today, we'll explore how understanding this challenge is crucial for planning your financial future. But that's not all - we'll also unravel some "Did You Know?" questions, shedding light on the vital role credit plays in our lives and the obstacles many face due to poor credit scores and mounting debts.

Our theme for this week is powerful - "You can retire early in Real Estate." I want to pose a thought-provoking question: Did you know "living paycheck to paycheck" isn't just a temporary phase for 60% of Americans? It makes us ponder the stability of our financial foundations. Today, we'll unravel the layers of how retiring early in real estate is not just a dream but must be a strategic plan for success.

Before we jump into the details, don't forget to attend our special FREE Workshops this week:

  1. Tuesday 8 pm - Path To Home Ownership Introduction – Online by Invitation Text “Path”
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Now, picture this scenario: You want to retire in five years, earning $5000 per month with a 10% annual return on your investment. How much money would you need? One answer was given in last week’s Thursday “About The Money” show. The actual amount varies based on your circumstances and chosen strategy. Always consult a financial advisor for personalized advice and a tailored retirement plan.

Let's connect this idea with the Cashflow Quadrant concept, a tool that helps you evaluate your current situation and satisfaction levels. Getting to retire right means having the right investments that supply the income you need to pay all your bill and then some. Today, we'll delve into the theme of early retirement, emphasizing the tools needed to ACHIEVE your real estate goals in the upcoming year.

Remember today’s show is brought to you by Text "Credit" to take control of your credit.

Continuing, we assert, “You can Retire in 5 Years rather than 40 Years” in Real Estate. The focus is not just on transactions but on strategic investments, utilizing tools, and understanding the Cashflow Quadrant.

Summing up today’s show in 5 key points:

  1. Alarming retirement statistics highlight the need for strategic planning.
  2. The theme of "You can retire early" emphasizes the significance of real estate in securing your financial future.
  3. Understanding investment requirements and leveraging tools for success.
  4. Relating the discussion to the Cashflow Quadrant for holistic financial planning.
  5. Encouraging listeners to take control of their credit with

Join us tomorrow for our Wednesday Midweek Mortgage and Market Report – stay informed with the latest updates in the real estate world. Thanks for tuning in, and remember, The Real Estate Show is not just to be heard but to be used. Tune in every weekday and don’t miss our free online workshops. Text "EDGE" to get started.

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Eric Willner is the Host and Founder of The Real Estate Show, an informative show about how to buy, own, and improve real estate the right way, on autopilot. - The Automatic Landlord way. ( You can reach Eric Willner at or 888-595-7779.

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Eric Willner is the Host and Founder of The Real Estate Show, an informative show about how to buy, own, and improve real estate the right way, on autopilot. - The Automatic Landlord way. ( You can reach Eric Willner at or 888-595-7779.

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Posted by Eric Willner on January 23rd, 2024 7:21 PM


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