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Radio Show Notes 03/08/24 Friday

March 9th, 2024 5:34 PM by Eric Willner

Radio Show Notes 03/08/24 Friday:

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"Cap Off Your Week with Real Estate Triumph: The 72 Hour Challenge Unveiled!"

By Eric Willner, Host of The Real Estate Show, America’s longest running daily radio show about real estate.

Welcome to the Real Estate Show – South Florida’s #1 Real Estate Radio Show, where we turn every episode into a virtual mini-seminar. I'm Eric Willner, the Voice of Real Estate and creator of The Automatic Landlord System for Owning Cash Flowing Real Estate "Profitably and Hassle-Free." Today, we're wrapping up an insightful week, focusing on the theme: Take The 72 Hour Challenge - The Fast Track To Winning The Real Estate Game.

Did you know that real estate offers a unique combination of benefits, including multiple streams of return on investment such as rental income, tax advantages, and depreciation deductions? It's not just about capital appreciation; it's about building wealth through a variety of avenues.


Before we dive into today's recap, let me highlight next week's special FREE Workshops:


1.    Tuesday 8 pm: Path To Home Ownership Introduction – Online by Invitation

2.    Wednesday night 8:30 pm: Financial Edge University Overview – Online by Invitation

3.    Thursday: Financial Edge University Master Class – Text “Master” to 561-861-2366


This week, our focus has been on why NOW is the time to buy real estate, emphasizing Real Estate Success through the application of our theme. Let's revisit the road map we've laid out for safely creating and preserving wealth, starting with affordable home ownership, a written financial plan, and the development of multiple streams of income.

This show is brought to you by, reminding you that better credit opens doors to greater financial opportunities.

Now, let's recap the insights and key takeaways from each day's show this week:

Monday: On Monday, we kicked off the week by introducing the 72 Hour Challenge. We explored how this challenge can be a game-changer, putting money back in your pocket every month, offering tax savings, reducing interest expenses, potentially lowering your monthly bills, and even improving your credit. The challenge is a strategic move towards Real Estate Success.

Tuesday: Tuesday's show delved into the importance of taking the 72 Hour Challenge. We highlighted its significance in financial planning, emphasizing its role in putting you on the fast track to benefitting from real estate. The challenge isn't just a task; it's a gateway to financial improvement, and we urged our listeners to participate.

[Continue the recap for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday...]

Remember, success in real estate starts with education, organization, and gaining a financial edge. As we wrap up this week, we're excited about the possibilities that await you on your journey to Real Estate Success. Thank you for joining us today on The Real Estate Show – your daily virtual seminar.


Wednesday: On Wednesday, we dove into the midweek with the "Wednesday Midweek Mortgage & Market Report" edition. It's crucial to stay informed about the market trends, especially when considering real estate investments. We discussed the current national 30-year mortgage interest rate trends, emphasizing the impact on both potential homebuyers and current homeowners looking to refinance. With rates hovering around 7.21%, it's a dynamic landscape that requires attention. The week's financial workshops were highlighted, including the announcement of the 72 Hour Challenge – an exciting opportunity for our listeners to fast-track their benefits from real estate.

Thursday: Thursday marked the "ATM – About The Money" edition of The Real Estate Show. We took a deep dive into the financial aspects of real estate and the overarching theme of the week, "Take The 72 Hour Challenge - The Fast Track To Winning The Real Estate Game." Addressing a critical question of whether one feels like a pawn or a player in the game of life, we emphasized the importance of good credit as a significant part of the solution. Exploring the 80/20 rule and the power of a three-pronged approach, we dissected the financial edge needed for success in the money game of life. Periodic calls to action reminded our listeners of the valuable resources available, including workshops and our partner,, ensuring credit doesn't stand in the way of home ownership.

Friday Weekly Wrap-Up: And now, as we wrap up the week on this "Friday Weekly Wrap-Up" edition, it's time to reflect on the insights and knowledge shared. This week was all about taking action – taking The 72 Hour Challenge and positioning oneself for success in real estate. Real estate isn't just about buying and selling; it's a pathway to financial freedom, and this week's episodes were designed to equip you with the tools and mindset needed to navigate this journey.

Did you know that real estate offers not just capital appreciation but multiple streams of return on investment, including rental income, tax benefits, and depreciation deductions? This is the power of real estate, and as we've discussed throughout the week, it's the ideal investment.

As we recap the week, it's essential to recognize the interconnected elements of success in real estate. It begins with a clear roadmap, as highlighted in the "Path To Home Ownership Introduction" on Tuesday. Understanding the financial landscape is equally vital, as demonstrated in the "Financial Edge University Overview" on Wednesday. And on Thursday, we delved into the nitty-gritty of finances with the "ATM – About The Money" edition, emphasizing the need for a solid credit foundation and a three-pronged approach to financial success.

Next week promises even more opportunities for learning and growth. Our free workshops continue to provide valuable insights, whether you're a prospective homebuyer or an experienced investor looking to enhance your financial edge. Don't miss the chance to participate and elevate your real estate game.

And, of course, we want to express our gratitude to our listeners. Thank you for tuning in, for engaging with the material, and for taking steps toward your real estate goals. Remember, this isn't just a show; it's a seminar in every episode, a chance to gain the knowledge and perspective needed for real estate success.

As we conclude this week's journey, we look forward to starting anew next week. Join us for fresh insights, expert interviews, and, most importantly, actionable strategies to make real estate work for you. Until then, have a fantastic weekend, stay inspired, and keep building your path to real estate success.


“So there you have it! TGIF!”

“TGIF = TG its Friday”

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“We did it! Thank you for tuning in this week. Remember, don't just listen – use our show to get started in real estate investing. Tune in every weekday to The Real Estate Show, a literal seminar in every episode. Have a fantastic weekend, and we'll see you again LIVE on the Monday on a Mission edition of The Real Estate Show!”

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Eric Willner is the Host and Founder of The Real Estate Show, an informative show about how to buy, own, and improve real estate the right way, on autopilot. - The Automatic Landlord way. ( You can reach Eric Willner at or 888-595-7779.

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Eric Willner is the Host and Founder of The Real Estate Show, an informative show about how to buy, own, and improve real estate the right way, on autopilot. - The Automatic Landlord way. ( You can reach Eric Willner at or 888-595-7779.

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Posted by Eric Willner on March 9th, 2024 5:34 PM


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