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Midweek Report: Dropbox Buys HelloSign And Is Coming To Real Estate Market Near You

The Real Estate Show announces that Dropbox Buys HelloSign And Is Coming To Real Estate Market Near You. In a world moving more and more towards paperless transactions, today’s announcement is a big deal for Real Estate. Electronic documents and even digital Mortgages are becoming more common place. Today’s announcement means there is a big-name in business that wants a piece of this action.

Many of you may already be familiar with Dropbox, the business collaboration platform, who announced Monday that it is buying hello sign, and e-signature and document workflow platform for $230 million. Most people perceive Dropbox as simply a filing cabinet in the cloud, but it is much more than that. Dropbox allows you to share documents with other people and collaborate work on them. It’s another way to share and transfer documents and more.

Hello sign, although much less well known, is an e-signature and document workflow platform that currently has more than 80,000 customers using its e-signature, electronic fax, and other solutions. Soon, these two great tools are going to be integrated into one platform, Dropbox.

Here’s the bombshell: Dropbox hinted at the acquisitions usefulness for the real estate industry, noting that “buying real estate” is still one of the transactions that require a significant number of paper documents that need to be signed by hand. But maybe not for much longer. Stay tuned to The Real Estate Show and we will keep you posted.

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Posted by Eric A. Willner, RFC, LUTCF, CSA on January 30th, 2019 7:04 PM