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The Real Estate Show uncovers the six needs that must be met in order to successfully negotiate a win-win deal. All humans have these needs. However, they value them differently. Unlock your opponents needs, and you unlock great deals. Here they are:
1. Certainty. Certainty is a survival need. People who value certainty, value comfort over pain. Certainty is a belief that causes them to gravitate to meet the need of certainty, like a schedule or a map or a well thought out and designed plan. So important is the need of certainty for some people, that they will give up a big dream in order to have daily certainty.
2. Uncertainty and variety. Almost the direct opposite of the first need, some people thrive on change and variety. "Variety is the spice of life", these types of people will tell you. And by setting new goals, changing the scenery, or the landscape or their environment they meet their need for uncertainty and variety.

3. Significance. The need to feel important, or unique, or good, can be a huge motivating factor. Name brand merchandise, well known logos, these are just some of the signs of a person who values significance. People will often overpay for significance and identity. When you identify someone who highly values significance, they may be part of the 20% of the clients who generate 80% of your income.They are not price sensitive. Figure out your ideal customer, then change your offer to address their needs. Find the right formula, change your offer and you will change your life.
Life is the dance between what you want most in what you fear most.

4. Love or Connection is another need of all human beings. It is not the same as significance. Love can be expressed in a million ways. We express love with people a certain way, love for our dogs a certain way, amd so on. The love/connection experience can also be in a positive way, a neutral way, or even a negative way. However, in either way, it is a strong need.

5. Growth. We are always moving up or down there is really no such thing as a plateau in life. It's up or it's down whether we realize it or not. Identify the person we are growth is there highest need, allow them to access growth, and you will be successful in dealing with them.

6. Contribution. The desire to make contribution is also a primal need. Allow that person to feel that they are in someway creating or affecting a contribution, and they will likely cooperate with you and what you need.

These are the six basic human needs that all humans have. Some value more than one, And they value them differently. If you can figure out who your ideal customer is and meet each need appropriately you will have great success. Do not fall in love with your product or service. Fall in love with your ideal client. Then go make some great deals!.

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Posted by Eric A. Willner, RFC, LUTCF, CSA on February 27th, 2017 9:40 AM