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Radio Show Notes 5/8/19 Wednesday: The Vital Report and a Sitdown Conversation with Our Purpose Partners, the Owners of Vital AC Solutions --Past and Present

May 10th, 2019 7:11 PM by Eric Willner

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Purpose Partners are people who share the same ideas and goals with you. They are not easy to find, but when you do find them, great things happen. That has been the case between Vital AC Solutions and The Real Estate Show. The common ground of having a fair and honest business delivering value to our clients is the same, even though we deliver two different products. Read on and learn more about the owners of what is not “just another AC company”. Even better, listen to the entire conversation heard on our show today by clicking on the link above.

Purpose Partners Eric Willner, Warley Vital, and Peter Michalik sat down together today to discuss the personal philosophies, and the resulting corporate culture that arises from them. We interviewed Warley Vital, the current owner, and after whom Vital AC solutions is named, on our 4/1/19 show. You can listen to the entire show and learn more about this budding entrepreneur and business man, as well as his personal side by clicking on the 4/1/19 show link.

The Real Estate Show focused more attention on Peter Michalik, the founder of the nearly 20 year old air conditioning company, which was purchased by Warley Vital. An Air Force veteran, Peter studied electrical engineering in New York, graduated, and went first to work at ABB Impell as an engineer. Peter also worked in a Nuclear Power Plant. As interesting as some of his projects as an engineer, he wanted something different where he could get out of an office more, use his hands, and use his engineering background. He wanted to feel more like he could make a difference – and see it. That’s when he found the air conditioning business. 

First as an employee, Peter got his chance to work in the AC business and was instantly hooked. That was 25 years ago. Quickly advancing and rising thru the ranks, four years later he founded his own air conditioning service company. For twenty years, Peter’s vision was to stay a relatively small family owned “fair and honest” business. And that is what he did, building a strong, loyal book of business that relied on his excellent knowledge, engineering skills, and strong values. To him, every client was a Purpose Partner.

As every business owner does, Peter dreamed of building a good business that someday had value. Then someday, when the time is right, sell that business. Well, after 25 years of diagnosing, fixing and selling air conditioners, that day seemed to be approaching. It was not long after making his intentions known, that he started receiving offers. Good cash offers. However, Peter was introduced to a young up and comer named Warley Vital, in who he saw something different. He actually saw himself in many ways – a young rising version of himself and they instantly hit it off. Well, you know how the story ends. Warley was the lucky buyer, and to this day Peter continues in the business, as a mentor, advisor, and even still in the field, just a little more relaxed as Warley takes over the “heavy lifting”. Click above to hear the recording of the interview, or better yet, give our Purpose Partners at Vital AC a call at  954-821-8640.

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