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Radio Show Notes 5/17/19 Friday

May 18th, 2019 4:58 PM by Eric Willner

Friday Weekly Wrap-Up: One Degree Can Make a World of a Difference, New Steps To HomeOwnership, 86% of Metro Areas Up, New Opportunity Zones, and More on The The Real Estate Show Friday Summary


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Friday’s mean it’s time for this week's wrap-up on The Real Estate Show Weekly Summary, so here’s here’s a short resume of this weeks highlights:



Monday: The Real Estate Show shows you how You Can Build A Great Real Estate Business With Consistency and Effort. They Add Up Over Time, Even IF It’s Only One Degree A Day. Last  week we spoke about how the 21 Day Challenge was all about developing the consistent business habits REQUIRED to succeed in a business venture. Each progressive "Challenge", starting in January, and progressing thru the latest one going, The April Challenge was DESIGNED to incrementally build your real estate business skills and lock them in as habits. These seem like little steps but every degree of progress is cumulative and adds up! Think about it: If you had water in the form of ice, it freezes at 32 Degrees Fahrenheit. Ice in that form absorbs or takes away energy, and by itself does nothing. It has potential, but does nothing. Raise the temperature 1 degree per day for 30 days, and nothing appears to be happening. Three more days and the solid block begins to turn to liquid. Not only does the temperature rise, but there is a change of state! Listen to the show and see what more changes! Maybe you! Check out the full show write-up and Listen to the entire interview Here:


Tuesday: The American Dream is Alive and Well! That is the theme of today’s radio show on The Real Estate Show. While the great recession set many people backwards, and even took away the dream of home ownership, thanks to recent tax law changes, government programs, and our own special rent to own program, the American dream is making a comeback!

Why rent when you can own? Stop wasting your money on rent. With practically the same down payment that you would spend on first, last, and security deposit, you could own! That’s right, you could be a HIT (“Homeowner In Training”) and live the American Dream. Here’s how it works:  Read the full summary of the show and Listen Here 


Wednesday: The Major Market was Up 3.9% 1st Quarter And Inventory Is Also Up

The Real Estate Show shares the most recent report released this week from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showing a healthy real estate market in the majority of the country. Inventory increased and metro market prices rose in the first quarter of 2019, but at a slower pace than the previous quarter, according to the latest quarterly report by the National Association of Realtors®. The national median existing single-family home price in the first quarter was $254,800, up 3.9% from the first quarter of 2018 ($245,300). Single-family home prices increased in 86% of measured markets last quarter, with 153 of 178 metropolitan statistical areas1 showing sales price gains compared to the first quarter of a year ago. Thirteen metro areas (7%) experienced double-digit increases, down from 14 in 2018’s fourth quarter. There’s more… Click on the Wednesday link to hear the entire story  below or 

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Thursday: Opportunity Zones – What You Need To Know If You Are A Real Estate Investor and Want To Save Big on Income Taxes.  Opportunity Zones  are the hot topic now on the mind of many advanced investors and The Real Estate Show breaks it down so you know what they are. Congress created the federal Qualified Opportunity Zone (“QOZ”) program in the 2017 “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” (2017 JC&JA) to encourage economic growth in underserved communities by creating significant  tax benefits to investors. When the 2017 JC&JA was released, most people did not yet realize what an “opportunity” the Opportunity Zones would present. Partly, that was because it was still relatively vague when released. But last October, the IRS and the US Treasury released some clarifications that really helped and stoked a great deal more interest now.

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Friday: Today, we wrap it all up nice and neat for you so you can head into the weekend armed and prepared with the latest information and tools to make your mark! Carpe Diem! Listen to our summary show by clicking on today’s link and profit from our shows content!


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