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April 30th, 2019 10:12 PM by Eric Willner

 What is SUCCESS in Real Estate, or Better, what is S.U.C.C.E.S.S in Real Estate?

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SUCCESS in real estate has many connotations. The Real Estate Show explores what that might mean to you, and more importantly, how to achieve it. For some it is simply to have a nice home to live in and enjoy. That’s true for many homeowners and they often achieve success in real estate like that. However, circumstances and tastes change, and these people often find themselves back in the search. It’s natural.


If you are a real estate investor, then success in real estate means something completely different, and the answer is more varied and more complex. Success in real estate to an investor may mean a certain amount of income, a certain number of properties, sales, or a certain amount of net worth. This is but a short list, there could could be infinite variations and combinations of these too.


Perhaps, though, having success in real estate may be more of a journey, than a destination. Kind of like “Happiness is a journey and not a destination”. So therefore, maybe it is more of a process than a condition. If you belive that success in real estate is a process or a system, then you will like what I show you next. Success can be summarized… and memorized, as an acronym. Here it is:


  S ystematically

    U sing

      C omprehensive

        C oaching,

          E ducation,

            S upport, &

              S trategies


Anything worth doing should be worth repeating. Anything worth repeating, should have a duplicatable process or SYSTEM. This, by the way, is an overlooked “secret” of many wealthy people who have had success in real estate and many other areas of business and investing.


As I previously mentioned above, success in real estate for investors is a bit more complex or COMPREHENSIVE and therefore often involves the efforts as others for help, guidance, and often COACHING. It certainly requires EDUCATION, SUPPORT, and a solid set of STRATEGIES


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Posted by Eric Willner on April 30th, 2019 10:12 PM



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