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Radio Show Notes 4/23/19 Tuesday: Financial Literacy is a Critical Tool in Real Estate

April 25th, 2019 5:45 PM by Eric Willner

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Financial Literacy is a critical tool in Real Estate. Not having it can dramatically limit what you will do in Real Estate On the other hand, having it can dramatically enhance your outcomes, so The Real Estate Show and have joined forces to bring you the right tools to insure that you get the financial and credit tools you need to develop YOUR FINANCIAL LITERACY!

Yesterday we started by bring back the highly popular and successful Four Pillars Training again. The Four Pillars Training is our FREE online training on the fundamental four items you need for a Real Estate Business that will thrive in any market. It is a System Of Systems. That’s Financial Literacy!

The Four Pillars Of Real Estate has four components. The first is a System Of finding lots of motivated sellers before the market does. The second system is a process and a source of motivated buyers, cash buyers who have a proven track record of already buying in certain areas. The third system is Funding. We boost your financial literacy, not only in theoretical terms , and educationally, but we “Show you the money!” Finally, The Four Pillars Of Real Estate contains a Software System, created by Real Estate Investors, for real Estate Investors. It does everything from track the buyers and the sellers, and the properties, but also ALL your communication and facts about them. It contains lots of automation and even an email broadcasting capabilty to quickly push out information or great deals to your lists that we you help to build. It literally ties it all together!

On today’s show we gave you a sneak peak how we will take your real estate business to a whole new level with our soon to be revealed 21 day challenge. Listen to the show for more details and stay tuned for more details each day this week.

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